Standings as of December 15, 2015:

Top Section
  1. Jonathan Gaenzle (1500)
  2. Garry Sargent (981)
  3. Ken Conter (780)
  4. Zach Kauffman (1890)
  5. John Werkheiser (1113)
  6. Steve Baragen
  7. Demond Burgess
  8. John Helms
  9. Ed Schradermeier
  10. Keemon Burgess
  11. Marius Schradermeier
  12.  Uli Dornhagen

Next Section
  • Kaeveon Burgess
  • David Black (1300)
  • MathewTriplet
  • Ashley Wilson
  • Steve Black
  • Kyle Ford

Ratings are intramural, seeded with players' USCF ratings (if applicable), based on performance in open play and calculated using the USCF Ratings Estimator at:

Ladder rules:
  • A player may challenge anyone higher on the ladder.
  • A challenge may be refused only if the two players have already played the same night.
  • If a lower-ranked player beats a higher-ranked player, the lower-ranked player takes the space above the higher-ranked player if they are three or fewer spaces apart. Otherwise, the lower-ranked player moves up three spaces.
  • Draws result in the lower ranked played moving up one space, if there is a space available.
  • On the night of each regular meeting, every player who hasn't played since the previous regular meeting drops one space. At the beginning of each quarter, players who haven't played in the last three months are removed from the top section.
  • New players enter the ladder just below the lowest-ranked player in the top section.